ERP Software for the First Nations Industry

Make more of a community impact on future generations by employing a user-friendly integrated ERP solution that is designed specifically to manage all aspects of a First Nations organization.

Sage Intacct’s centralized financial First Nations software solution provides timely access to data insights on cash flow monitoring, budget tracking, and more.

Ensure high visibility on programs and services related to finance, health, education, and culture. Whether it’s in the local community, at the office, or on/off the reserve, Sage Intacct provides the necessary tools and accessibility needed to manage and optimize the business and social needs to build a flourishing Indigenous community.
First Nations - Build Resilience

Build Resilience

Build resilience within your community by ensuring tight and precise Federal grant fund tracking and maintenance with Sage Intacct’s centralized management software solution. This all-in-one ERP system frees up time by eliminating the manual effort associated with connecting multiple disconnected systems. Instead, your band can focus on long-term community and stakeholder relationships.
Restriction Tracking

Restriction Tracking

Simplify your allocation and grant tracking with Sage Intacct's Release for Restriction feature, allowing you to easily track restricted funds.  This automates the tracking of debits & credits in the general ledger account, while also managing appropriate expenses & credits tracking with the net restricted balance. Avoid the complicated manual process, save time, and avoid potential errors, all while maintaining compliance.
First Nations - Multi-Entity Management

Multi-Entity Management

Multi-entity management is embedded into Sage Intacct and consolidates and simplifies your numerous transactions. With Sage Intacct, you can have the flexibility to streamline and automate separate entities and inter-company financials, so your First Nations organization is better positioned to grow and scale as needed.
First Nations - Enhanced Data Metrics

Enhanced Data Metrics

Gain better access to data. Analyze and present your band’s current financial position to government officials and stakeholders by leveraging Sage Intacct’s real-time budgeting, purchasing, and reporting data metrics that tell a strong and truthful story.
First Nations - Path to Modernization

Path to Modernization

Provide a path to modernization and use Sage Intacct's First Nations software solution to scale vertically in your business. Rather than spending valuable resources trying to fit a legacy system into your current needs, seamlessly scale Sage Intacct to provide limitless growth and potential.
First Nations - Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

First Nation organizations have faced many obstacles but leveraging Sage Intacct's First Nations software in their business isn’t one of them. We know the importance of post-implementation support and look to strategic partnerships to provide a “best-in-breed” total solution that exceeds our client’s expectations.
30% Leveraged automated workflows and gain an overall efficiency improvement of 30%
20% Increase operational cash flow by up to 20%
10% Reduce revenue-forecast variances to less than 10%


"It was refreshing to work with Equation Technologies. When they sat down with us to go over our RFP, they were just as excited and dedicated to learning new things as I was. We worked through a unique situation together and came up with an outstanding solution." 

Dorian Bell - Charter School Management Corporation, Controller

Single Source of Truth Software

Sage Intacct provides First Nation organizations with a centralized single source of truth software for all the data that’s essential to the success of their community. This includes member information, accounting, reporting, communication, government funding, and more. One unified ERP solution ensures the right information flows smoothly to the right people, between departments and across entities, right when you need it.