Race a Ferrari! Experience of a Lifetime

You know that Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) excels at ERP, yet you may feel that its built-in reporting doesn’t provide the visibility into your business you need. DataSelf Analytics fulfills Sage 300 ERP’s potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, simplifying and amplifying your analytics requirements by incorporating Tableau and Microsoft BI technologies, providing exactly what you need to turn your data into knowledge.

DataSelf Analytics provides capabilities that go beyond Crystal, MS Access and Excel-based reporting, allowing users to analyze data extensively and easily. For instance, when doing sales analysis, users can analyze sales and profitability by parameters such as customer, customer group, salesperson, product, product category, ship-to and location, thus providing a variety of performance measures to better understand where to focus management’s attention.

Race a Ferrari: Experience of a Lifetime! 

Have you ever felt the speed, the agility, and the sheer thrill of driving a Ferrari? You could be one of the lucky ones. Just enter DataSelf's "Race a Ferrari: Experience of a Lifetime" drawing.

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Don’t miss this chance! Earn as many tickets as you can! Earn your tickets by July 1, 2014. The next day, DataSelf will select winning tickets at random.  (See the complete details and conditions here.)

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