Why should I choose Sage CRM for my business?

Sage is the leading supplier of business management solutions to small and medium businesses and has well over 6 million customers all over the world. Over 12,000 organizations in 70 different countries use Sage's award winning Sage CRM software to manage their day-to-day sales operations, marketing and customer service activities.

Sage CRM is a solution with a choice of editions, and deployment options that can meet the individual needs of your business and increase growth of your business today.

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Make the best use of sales opportunities 

Sage CRM helps make your sales efforts result in the most profitable, most winnable deals, and allows you to make the most of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Sage CRM provides instant access to pipelines, calendars, sales reports, contacts, and much more. Your sales team will be free to focus all their efforts on sales. Automated workflow and pipeline management allows for sales opportunities to be progressed quickly and efficiently, while data is shared most effectively and accessed by anyone who needs it. 

Deliver outstanding customer service

Winning a new client is just the start of what should be a long and profitable relationship. However, keeping customers satisfied means that you need to make sure they get what they want, when they want it. From defining processes, to tracking cases and solutions, you can fix customer issues with ease. Sage CRM gives you the tools necessary to provide high quality customer service and maintain happy customers. It will help you to make every customer interaction informative, effective, and most importantly, profitable.

Identify and target the correct audience

Sage CRM allows you to plan, execute, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. It makes it much easier to send the right information to the right people at the right time, and eliminate guesswork while making the best use of your marketing resources. Financial profiling, order data, purchase history, special interests and even demographics can all be used to create detailed profiles of clients and prospects for a more highly targeted marketing campaign planning.

More Info on Sage CRM

Equation Technologies is a Sage partner and specializes in Sage CRM. For more information on Sage CRM, or help with your system or implementation contact Equation Technologies today. 

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