The value of choosing a strong Sage 300 ERP Partner

Equation Technologies lives in the world of mission critical, as do our clients. The solutions we implement as an ERP partner typically manage the core data within small to medium sized businesses across the entire enterprise. This core data is the lifeblood of most organizations, and is by its very definition mission critical. Within an ecosphere comprised of various software and hardware, complex entrenched systems and multiple users all requiring different functionality, it is of great importance that the project be mapped and managed by an experienced ERP partner who can get it done right the first time.

The real cost of a less than optimal Sage 300 ERP implementation

We measure our success in terms of client satisfaction, and take great pride in the fact that our retention rate is over 98%  as well as nearly half of our clients have come to us from another ERP partner who now have great satisfaction with their Sage product investment. Our clients measure success by their return on investment created through cost savings and efficiencies, as well as the new paths to profitability that Sage 300 ERP can bring them. However, when the elements within the Sage 300 solution are not managing data elements correctly, not hooked into existing systems properly or just not mapped to organizational workflow in an efficient way, the opposite effect can occur. It becomes a headache to use the system, the investment seems wasted and the data is a mess causing a ripple effect of problems which affect every aspect of the organization.

It’s not too late to recalibrate

In most situations, problems can be fixed and the product can be realigned with your systems, data and workflows. We have many a client who have come to us through a referral or have found us through an internet search, and we have been able to help them recover their sizable systems investments. If any of this sounds familiar, we would be more than happy to listen and try to come up with a solution. 

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