An alternative to Financial Reporter (FR)

Whether you are looking for an alternative to Financial Reporter (FR), or you would like to know you can convert your existing reports to Sage Intelligence (SI), this video will give you both insight into a excellent alternative to FR, as well as guide you on how to leverage your existing FR reports in SI.Sage Inteligence SI

Why consider Sage Intelligence Reporting?

Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting is an Excel-based reporting tool that can pull data from across the entire Sage 300 ERP system, rather than just financial modules.  Now, you can run graphical reports in a familiar Excel-based environment on sales, inventory, customers, non-financial data and much more. 

How to convert FR reports

While FR report specifications are not natively compatible with Sage Intelligence, this webcast will walk you through how you can convert them to SI.


Resource: FR to Sage Intelligence Conversion Guide


Of course, if you'd like to know more about Sage Intelligence and how it can help your organization, contact Equation Technologies today.


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