Learn how to shorten your sales cycle with Sage CRM

With the recent release of Sage CRM Version 7.3, Sage rolled out a bunch of new tools and reports that can help you accelerate your sales cycle and make the most of every opportunity. Let’s take a look at these new sales accelerators.

New Management Dashboards

Two new ready-to-use Management Dashboards are available to provide owners, managers, and decision-makers with the insight and metrics to close more sales - faster. Each dashboard includes configurable gadgets that use Sage CRM data from across your entire organization.

Sales KPI for Managers displays key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you identify and measure your organization's successful activities ... as well as those that aren’t performing so well. Metrics include monthly sales trends, actual vs. target, opportunities pipeline, open activities, at-risk   opportunities, and closed deals leader board by sales rep.

Sales Metrics for Managers helps you measure progress   toward organizational goals. Metrics include leads generated by source, deals lost to competitors, won vs. lost deals, average deal close rate, cross-sell deals, and top open deals.

These new dashboards provide important visual queues that help you quickly spot areas that require your attention. Then you can take action or run more detailed analysis to close deals faster or save opportunities that are slipping.


Quicker Quotes, Orders and Workflow

The new Quick Sale Workflow is a predefined workflow with fewer stages than the standard ‘Opportunity Workflow’. It's perfect for products that don’t require a complex sales cycle and can be sold in just a few simple steps. Your sales people can focus more on getting the deal done quickly and less on system setup and administration.

In addition, you can now generate Quick Quotes and Orders using a new default template that’s merged with details from an existing record. That way, you just pull in a quote or order from another similar opportunity and simply change a few details rather than starting from scratch.

Proactive Alerts and Escalation Rules

There are also new ready-to-use Alerts and Escalation Rules designed to notify your team of critical event triggers related to leads, quotas, or opportunities. These proactive alerts are sent to managers and/or sales users so your team can take quick and decisive action rather than waiting until after the fact when it may be too late to close or save a deal.

Together, this collection of new features will help you close sales faster and drive more revenue.

Ready to Upgrade?

Sage CRM 7.3 is integrated with Sage 300 ERP 2012 and 2014. In addition to a separate integration component, you may need to install a product patch or update depending on your version of Sage 300 ERP. Get details here.

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