Introducing Sage Time

Sage recently announced the launch of their newest payroll application called Sage Time. In this article, we’ll take a look at this time and attendance management software that works hand‐in‐hand with Sage HRMS.



What is Sage Time?

Sage Time is an intuitive, web‐based “cloud” solution that completely automates time and attendance management. Beyond simply collecting attendance data, this full‐featured suite also provides accrual tracking, a time off request tool, employee and manager self service, reporting dashboards, customizable process workflow, and so much more.

Why Sage Time?

Time tracking and payroll processing represent a significant cost for many companies. Especially when HR or payroll staff has to manually enter data submitted by employees into the payroll system. The effort involved (and potential errors) can add significantly to your labor costs. So when you automate time tracking with Sage Time, not only is it much more accurate, you also keep processing costs under control.
And with a long list of labor laws and regulations like FLSA, built‐in audit trails provide peace of mind that your timekeeping policies are consistent, up to date, and accurate.

Modern Tech for a Modern Workforce

Sage Time is a completely web‐based solution that’s built for flexibility. That means your
employees can enter their time from just about anywhere using any one of three collection methods including:

On the Web
Using a Timeclock
On a Mobile Device

Sage Time also offers a wide selection of registration devices such as various badge terminals to avoid “buddy punching” through the use of advanced biometrics. Sage Time mobile can capture data such as GPS location, geofencing, picture, group punch, employee messaging, and facial recognition (facial recognition currently available on Android only).

Sage Integration

Sage Time is delivered from the cloud as a SaaS solution and is integrated with Sage HRMS and Sage Payroll so it works with the employee data you already have. And there’s no need to purchase servers or install software.

Free White Paper

Sage-Time-is-of-the-essenceTime is of the Essence

Get your copy of this white paper that discusses how to automate time and attendance to reduce compliance risk, avoid “time stealing”, cut costs, and boost timekeeping productivity.

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