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Sage Time and Attendance Management

Sage Time is a powerful solution that enables companies to maximize their return on labor investment, reduce risk of noncompliance, and increase employee productivity. Wages and related payroll costs (taxes, benefits, payroll staff, time keeping software, etc.) can often reach over half of companies’ total operating costs. With such a large impact on businesses’ budget, the potential impact of mistakes or inefficiencies can be immense. Time and attendance systems give companies control by centralizing payroll functions and eliminating many opportunities for error.

Gather, review, and manage your employees’ attendance and labor information online and in real time with Sage’s 100% web-based solution. Sage Time and Attendance inspires your workforce and provides employee and manager self-service features that reduce the burden of manual processes, save time and money, and minimize compliance risk. 

Why Sage Time?

Manual or semi-automated time and attendance systems can create serious legal exposure for companies that may not be able to stay abreast of continually changing labor laws. FLSA civil cases have increased by 10% since 2004. Source: U.S. District Court Data

Automated time and attendance systems free HR staff from redundant data entry tasks and create a centralized location where they can view/approve leave requests, approve time entry, and generate myriad custom reports. As HR staff have more time to focus on big picture department goals, Sage Time simultaneously gives employees greater insight into their pay and benefits without requiring additional effort from HR. If there are any discrepancies or questions regarding hours worked or PTO, employees are able to proactively identify and rectify these issues, reducing the need for time-consuming, after-the-fact payroll corrections.

Sage Time integrates with many HR and payroll solutions, including Sage HRMS Payroll, Sage 300 Payroll and Sage Payroll Full Service, allowing businesses to augment existing software without having to switch to an entirely new system.

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivered ‘In the Cloud’

  • Companies not required to invest in expensive infrastructure and cost to maintain
  • Immediate access to the latest software version
  • Data is safe, secure and continuously backed up
  • Quick, easy and affordable implementation

Modern Technology for a Modern Workforce

Native mobile apps with GPS, picture taking, GeoFencing and facial recognition 1 – wide selection of registration devices helps to avoid “buddy-punching” and other ways of cheating the system

Wide selection of Badge & Biometric Data Collection terminals.

There are three methods of time registration. Any one, or a combination of these three methods can assist in accurately capturing labor hours:

Sage Time for Mobile Device
  1. Web
  2. Timeclock
  3. Mobile
  • Manager self service
  • Unlimited customizable report views
  • Notifications module
  • Time off request tool

1Available on Android only

Save Time with Sage Time

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Time is of the Essence White Paper

Free White Paper: Time is of the Essence

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