How to Fix Sage 300 Posting Errors

If you’ve been using Sage 300 (formerly "Accpac") for a while, at some point you’ve probably experienced a posting error message, whether it be posting to the general ledger (ex. GL Error Batch), accounts receivable, or accounts payable.

Here’s a breakdown of some common Sage 300 errors and how to fix them.


New call-to-actionStep 1: Print a Posting Errors Report

Perhaps you’re trying to post a transaction to a locked period or entering an invoice that has already been entered.  The best way to troubleshoot and find out is to print a Posting Errors Report in Sage 300. This should be your 1st check for any batches that don’t post due to an error.

The Posting Errors report can be found where the Transaction Reports are located for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger (for G/L it is simply called the Posting Journals Report located within G/L Reports).


Sage 300 errors report

Common Posting Errors & Fixes in Accounts Payable

These are some of the most common Sage 300 errors and fixes for accounts payable.

Error Posting to a locked or Inactive Year.
Fix Review entry to confirm that you are posting to the correct year.  If so, you will need to go to Common Services, Fiscal Calendar to unlock/activate the year.
Error Invoice XXXX already exists.
Fix You have already used that Invoice number for that vendor.  Review whether you are duplicating the entry. If not, you can add a letter/number at the end of the invoice which will still help you to identify the payment to that invoice.
Error Net invoice amount is not equal to the net distributed amount for batch xxxx, entry xxx
Fix Review the entry, taxes, and totals to find the discrepancy.

Common Posting Errors & Fixes in Accounts Receivable

These are some of the most common Sage 300 errors and fixes for accounts receivable.

Error Total Amount of Details Does Not Equal Total Amount of Invoice Error Is Received
Fix The error occurs when a tax authority is set to use standard cost and an item is set to a unit price of $0 in an order. When the invoice is sent to A/R from O/E, the tax calculation is off for the base price. Instead the tax is calculated using the selling price which is incorrect.
Error Cannot process document. Customer number is inactive
Fix Ensure that the Customer is set to Active.  If so, and you still get this error, there is a problem with the ARCUS table that needs to be checked by your partner.
Error Document Number XXXXXX already exists
Fix Everyone must exit the module that you are getting the error for.  Go to Options and change the Next Number for the document that you are getting the error to the next sequential number. It's possible that someone had entered a manual document number in the past.  Normally when the system makes a "New" document, it is using the next sequential number.  If it has already been used, you must skip ahead one number.

Common Posting Errors & Fixes in General Ledger (GL Error Batch)

These are some of the most common errors and fixes for Sage 300 general ledger.

Error Cannot post to a future year
Fix Create a new fiscal year in the Fiscal Year Calendar in Common Services.
Error Cannot post to locked fiscal period XX
Fix Unlock the fiscal period or change the JE to an open fiscal period.
Error Journal Detail source ledger XX is not ont the Control Account's XXXX eligible list.
Fix Review the GL Account setup and add the source ledger that you want to post to the control account. (Check with your accounting team first as this may make it difficult for them to reconcile this account later!)

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