What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management Software, or "CRM" is a type of software that addresses how your company interacts with your customers and prospects.  It can track how you acquire them, in the lead generation phase, how they move through the sales process, as well as how you service them, after they become a customer.  When you combine this level of information, with your back end ERP system, you can more easily optimize business processes across the entire enterprise.

CRM's Impact on the Enterprise

Sage has created this handy infographic to help visualize what an integrated ERP/CRM might look like, deployed across your organization. 

No more Data Silos.  Imagine being able to trace the impact of your marketing activities to actual sales results, or sharing information between your sales and customer service, to ensure a consistent customer experience, or smooth transition to a new group.  

By implementing a CRM solution, you can benefit from:

- Tracking interactions across the entire customer life-cyle

- Streamlining and reporting on sales, marketing and customer service activities

- Secure data that remains with the company, when employees leave

- Informed insight that can lead to better decision making


If you'd like to know more about Sage CRM, take a look at the source of this infographic and the many other posts in the Sage CRM Community, or if you want to know how Sage CRM can help your organization specifically, please contact Equation Technologies today.

Equation Technologies is a certified Sage partner and an expert is Sage CRM.


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