Accounting Software for Hotels and Restaurants: 3 Ways to Save Time

If your current accounting software for hotels and restaurants is causing you and your team to work nights and weekends to keep up with the current demands and complexities of multi-property hotels, restaurant chains, and entertainment venues, there is a better way forward.

New call-to-actionAutomate your hospitality accounting and financial processes with cloud hotel management software. Get your nights and weekends back while improving visibility and simplifying tasks for the whole team. Here are 3 ways Sage Intacct cloud accounting software for hotels and restaurants saves you time.

Cut monthly close time by up to 50%
If your monthly close takes 20-30 days to complete, that means the consolidated data and reporting you’re providing to decision makers is a month old. They’re now making decisions on last month’s data. The good news is that in most cases, Intacct adopters shaved up to 50% off their time to complete monthly close, which means they got near real-time data to their decision makers.

With comprehensive automation, Intacct automates the complex financial processes required by the multiple operating or realty entities you manage. Instead, Intacct users track individual restaurant expenses, or allocate common health insurance costs across multiple locations with just a few clicks.

Multi-entity management in minutes
You no longer need dozens of spreadsheets. Sage Intacct accounting software for hotels and restaurants is designed to track real-time performance in one place spanning all your hotel, hospitality, and restaurant locations automatically. With Intacct’s automated multi-entity management, you can easily see your accounting and finance data by selected location, groups of locations, theme, region, or any dimension you need to measure your unique key performance indicators.

The new entity setup takes just a couple minutes and a few clicks so it’s easy to setup rules for inter-entity transactions and bank accounts. And you’ll save even more time with automated currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, and local tax reporting enabled by Intacct’s continuous consolidation.

No more duplicate data entry
Shorten or eliminate the time it takes to compile your financial and operational data from your various hotel accounting, restaurant accounting, POS systems, payroll, etc. Intacct integrates easily with best-in-class applications for payroll, time-keeping, hospitality, POS, and more.

Even a non-technical person can connect Sage Intacct using pre-built connectors to common platforms like Salesforce CRM, or even industry-specific applications for automatic, two-way communication. Sage Intacct acts as the single source of truth as the central hub of information.

Growing hospitality companies like yours have saved hundreds of hours a year with automated consolidations, shortened their monthly close from one month to one week, and in some cases, avoided 2 additional hires after implementation. It’s time to get your nights and weekends back with Sage Intacct.



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