Make Real-time Decisions with Asset Management Accounting Software

To stay competitive and optimize investment opportunities, your asset management firm needs up-to-the-minute, real-time financial and operational data. If your current asset management accounting software causes a long delay between the business activities taking place and reporting on their results, ultimately it may be costing your firm missed opportunities to invest or avoid loss.

Leading wealth management firms like yours are increasing their ability to enable real-time decisions on investments with cloud-based, asset management accounting software that’s purpose built for your complex needs. Here are three functions that Sage Intacct financial software features which will help you shorten or eliminate the time it takes to provide a comprehensive, top-down view of all your assets under management.

View and drill down into insights in real time
Wealth Management SoftwareAsset management firms with multi-entity configurations and multiple currencies frequently struggle with manual consolidations. Worse, it takes so many spreadsheets to consolidate this multitude of data, that insights are impossible to see. And the longer the lag between the activities taking place and the time you report their results because you have to import data from different systems by hand and consolidate manually means there is greater risk that the environment has shifted because it’s been so long, or there are errors in the web of spreadsheets it takes to complete your consolidations.

Sage Intacct wealth management accounting software automatically imports all your financial and operational data in a single system of record with a shared chart of accounts where it’s automatically and continuously consolidated. You no longer need to wait for month- or period-end to run reports. You and your decision makers will have real-time, consolidated data at the press of a button.

With dynamic dashboards, it’s easy to pivot the reporting currency from parent to local without more manual consolidations. Dynamic drill-down capabilities let you see the transactions underlying your results all the way down to the operating entity’s transactions. This feature also makes audits easier. (See image below.)

Wealth Management Accounting Drill Down Capability Equation Technologies

Onboard collaboration tools for decision documentation
Most wealth management accounting systems will track what you did and how you did it, but Sage Intacct's Collaborate feature also helps you document why you made a decision. You’ll save time hunting down the one email you need a year later to understand the rationale for the business decision. For example, your CFO can input a comment explaining why the decision was made, request additional analysis to support the decision, and even attach snapshots which are then permanently stored as part of the conversation. All this allows you to replace speculation and poor recollection with a documented decision and audit trail. (See image below.)

Wealth Management Accounting Audit Trail Equation Technologies copy

More easily keep pace with growth
How long does it take you to add a new entity in your current accounting software, whether physical or virtual? Sage Intacct automates new entity setup so you can add new business units and entities in minutes with just a few clicks. No more costly hardware, software, IT, and accounting resources required. You can more easily keep up with corporate growth by eliminating or reducing the need for additional headcount because Sage Intacct’s automation is now doing the heavy lifting. For example, you can configure your new accounts based on similar, existing entities.

And Sage Intacct is the only asset management accounting software endorsed by the AICPA, so you know you’ll be GAAP compliant. Contact us today to get started on your transformation and start automating your consolidations right away.




Let us know if you have questions about business care or need personalized support from our team of Sage Intacct technical experts.

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