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Managing the complexities of modern healthcare accounting is becoming more and more challenging without the right medical practice accounting software. Factor in multi-entity management for multiple locations and the manual processes they require for consolidation, and it might be impossible to keep straight.

If you’re managing multi-locations, have decentralized payables and receivables, and need to shorten your monthly close, you can confidently choose Sage Intacct, the only HIPAA-certified medical practice accounting software. 

Medical Practice Accounting Software


Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Your multi-location medical practice has no way to centralize data and suffers from too many manual processes and spreadsheets. Ultimately, your monthly close takes forever and is error prone.
  • Billing is a huge undertaking requiring several people. The time from invoice to payment is too long using your current accounting software or your manual processes. It can be impossible to feel “caught up.”
  • Executives and managers ask for the same information all the time, which means you have to drop everything you’re doing to get it for them. By the time the spreadsheet or report is published, it’s already out of date.

Luckily, there is a better way. Sage Intacct is the only accounting solution that abides by the strict HIPAA guidelines and is future proof to support your growth. Here are 3 advantages your finance team will gain almost immediately after adopting Sage Intacct healthcare accounting software.

Advantage #1: Speed-up monthly close 
Wouldn’t it be a dream to shorten your monthly close by up to 100%? It’s a reality with Sage Intacct’s powerful workflow automation. Say goodbye to errors and duplicate entries while you eliminate manual processes for payment processing and inter-company accounting. Sage Intacct’s advanced audit trail demonstrates your HIPAA compliance with data security safeguards.

Advantage #2: Improve cash flow
Get paid sooner by speeding up billing and collections with powerful automation. In some companies, what once took 3 people to do is streamlined and now only requires 1 person to do using Sage Intacct. Email invoices that include payment options, then update revenue recognition and your general ledger with automation, not manual processes or spreadsheets. Sage Intacct can make accounts receivable 100% faster than before and on time every time.

Advantage #3: Make proactive business decisions faster
Spreadsheets and other manual processes don’t supply the real-time, accurate data your executives need. Sage Intacct’s built-in Dashboards and Reports are configurable and customizable to suit your business and each user. Your busy executives will be impressed by the quality of the insights and real-time data available to them via secured Website from any device they choose.

Ease of use so seamless and simple
As your company grows in terms of revenue or transactions, everything is so seamless and so simple with Sage Intacct, there may be no need to grow headcount. The only accounting solution recommended by the AICPA, Sage Intacct provides the visibility to enable data-driven decisions as well as the automation to improve financial and operational performance. 

Contact us if you have questions about business care or need personalized support from our team of Sage Intacct technical experts.

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