Introducing 2023 R4 from Sage Intacct Release Notes

The Sage Intacct Release notes for the 2023 R4 are out! This edition introduces new features that span a wide range of functions across Sage Intacct Cloud ERP such as inventory control, advanced finance, business intelligence reporting, construction management, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some key highlights from the latest release.

Advanced Ownership Consolidation

For companies that operate under a complex ownership structure, new financial management and reporting tools in Sage Intacct 2023 R4 will save you tons of time and improve decision-making.

New Advanced Ownership Consolidation features make it faster and easier to consolidate financial data across multiple entities with varying percentages of ownership including full, partial, and tiered ownership. This new functionality streamlines the consolidation process at the entity level by period and includes ownership percentages as part of consolidation.

Sage Intacct 2023 R4 not only enhances trust and accuracy with a full audit trail of ownership history and structure, but also streamlines monthly closing with currency translation, elimination rollups, and more.

Apply Single Payment to Multiple Customers

Another time-saving automation introduced in the Sage Intacct release notes for R4 is the ability to receive one payment but allocate it to various invoices for different customer accounts (i.e. for a parent and child customer hierarchy). 

An idea that was generated by the Sage Intacct customer community, this new feature is perfect for situations where, for example, a school district submits payment for invoices that belong to different schools within that district, or an insurance company submits a single payment for multiple patients at a facility.

R4 01

Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

The new Bank Transaction Assistant makes your reconciliation workflow more streamlined than ever. That’s because you can easily assign customers to bank transactions and then receive multiple payments for multiple customers, all from the Bank transaction page. After you receive payments, the posted payments in Sage Intacct and the bank transactions automatically match for reconciliation.

In addition, you can now use Reconciliation Match Sequence to review the relationship between bank transactions and Sage Intacct records. And should a reconciliation need to be re-opened, you can easily revert a matching sequence to a draft or in-process status for further review as needed.

New Business Intelligence Dashboards

Two new business intelligence dashboards help customers running projects or churches gain new insight into key performance metrics.

The new Sage Intacct Project Intelligence provides insight into employee time, performance, and efficiency.  Key insights include:

  • Detailed metrics for employees and groups.
  • Stats on revenue contribution, effective rate, and write-offs.
  • Evaluate the profitability of your service team.

In addition, the new Ministry Intelligence dashboard seamlessly connects accounting and business operations by delivering key church management data and visibility into KPIs and insights such as up-to-date giving data, fund analysis, multicampus analysis, and more.

R4 02

Introducing Inventory Fulfillment

Previously in testing through the Early Adopters program, Inventory Fulfillment is now generally available to all customers with the release of Sage Intacct 2023 R4.  Sage Intacct Fulfillment provides warehouse managers and workers with tools to efficiently track and ship sales orders. It also provides pick and pack lists, which make the job of the pickers and packers on the warehouse floor more efficient and less costly. 

Whether you’re assigning pickers, printing pick sheets, entering packed quantities, converting orders to shippers, or marking shippers as ready to be invoiced, Sage Intacct Fulfillment manages and streamlines the entire process.

With Sage Intacct Fulfillment, you can manage sales orders through the processes of pick, pack, ship, invoice, or any combination of those from a single page. Plus, it was designed with flexibility in mind to adapt to your inventory and warehouse workflow.

New Construction Management Solution

The new Sage Construction Management suite (formerly known as Corecon) connects teams in the field and in the back office to get projects finished on-time and on-budget. This powerful cloud-native preconstruction and project management solution helps project teams view, track and update construction information from a browser or mobile device to manage and collaborate on project tasks from any location.

R4 03

Key features include the ability to:

  • Organize contacts and leads.
  • Streamline estimating.
  • Simplify scheduling.
  • View, edit, and track drawings and specifications.
  • Share project information with external team members.
  • Understand current and anticipated project costs before the project is complete.
  • Prevent mistakes, improve installation times, and reduce risk.

Questions About Sage Intacct 2023 R4

This article only covers key highlights in the new release. Contact us if you have any questions about R4 or to request a copy of the Sage Intacct release notes for full details of all changes in the latest version.

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