Key Benefits of Sage Intacct’s Interactive Custom Report Writer

Most ERP systems come with their own built-in financial reporting tools. However, often the case is as the company experiences growth, its data grows too. Eventually, customers find their system is collecting more data than their standard report writer can handle. This makes it very complicated to sift through all the information, and much too difficult to slice and dice the numbers and find the answers to even some of the most basic business questions. When this happens, customers look to Sage Intacct’s Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) to help change their reporting game.

Real-Time Data Visibility

The ICRW has got it all… the looks, and the brawns. When compared to the standard report writer, the ICRW uncovers new, more enhanced insights easier and faster than ever thought possible. It allows you to become a forward-thinking, data-driven organization because everyone, from the c-suite level to the boots on the ground, is empowered to make the best decisions possible.

The ICRW offers a modern approach to the standard report writer by making it easy, for anyone, to create visually appealing reports from complex data. When compared to Sage Intacct’s standard report writer, which can be a little more technical, the Interactive Custom Report Writer provides easier data visibility and increased flexibility in reporting so users can get the up-to-the-minute unique data they need to make decisions faster. Change is the only constant in the corporate world. That’s why it’s so important to manage it well. Employees need current information so they can make accurate swift decisions that increase confidence and, down the road, the bottom line.

According to one study, 82% of companies are making decisions based on stale information. Outdated data or lack of access to reliable real-time data spreads poor decisions throughout an organization like the common cold. It also drastically lowers employee morale and sinks profits. Provide your employees with the tools and resources, like the ICRW, that help them make more informed decisions and increase your company’s overall competitive edge.

Enhanced Reporting

ICRW provides vast report flexibility that lets you drill, pivot, sort, filter, drag & drop, and calculate columns. You can also use the conditional formatting tool and have the ICRW create complex formulas, so you don’t have to mentally crunch the numbers yourself.

Given the complexities of today’s businesses, standard reporting rarely takes the cake. What people need nowadays is data that can be morphed and tailored into something that is easily translatable, digestible, and understandable. What we mean is, we want your data to speak the language of your audience and tell an informative story. That could mean the language of your stakeholders, your customers, or a project team. In addition to the above capabilities, Sage Intacct’s ICRW lets you add other fields to your reporting, like any attributes and custom fields, so you can tell your unique story. It also allows you to pull from transactional data rather than balance records giving you deeper sub-ledger insight that often gets buried.

Take a non-profit company for example. A nonprofit donor is only interested in the data that impacts them, like revenue streams and how it is used (i.e. - awards issued, administration costs, etc). The nonprofit board may want to see similar information but presented in a different context, comparing year over year, broken down by event or department, volunteer hours, etc. Stakeholders want you to filter out the fluff, so they have the right details in their hands with minimal excess. Great financial reporting tools, like the ICRW, allow you to structure the data in a format that’s beneficial so you’re not wasting anyone’s time, and instead, providing them with valuable information.

Simplify Complex Reporting

An organization's data changes faster than you can say “KPI”. The ICRW’s powerful financial reporting tools help to modernize the complex reporting needs that every multi-level organization has, no matter the industry. Specifically, in a multi-entity organization, you often need to combine departments or locations to get a whole and more accurate picture of your true financial health. ICRW lets you automatically combine multiple reporting areas with ease and grace. This is obviously a huge convenience and reduces the chance of errors caused by manually moving critical data around multiple spreadsheets.

Another brilliant timesaver, that Sage Intacct’s standard report writer doesn’t offer, is 60+ pre-built out-of-the-box reports you can use and configure to fit your reporting needs. If you don’t have tech-savvy users in-house, using these pre-built reports is a great cost-effective alternative to building your own from scratch or paying your Sage Intacct partner to do that.

No matter how complex you think your company’s reporting is, Sage Intacct has the right financial reporting tools to help you simplify and streamline your reporting requirements. That’s the benefit of using the #1 cloud-based accounting software solution. The ICRW's insightful business intelligence capabilities let you interact with the data in a way that makes sense to you and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re still not convinced that Sage Intacct’s ICRW can help your business, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to dig a little further and bring you closer to your goals.

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