PRESS RELEASE: Integration of iMetal and Sage Intacct Unveiled as Game Changer for Metals Industry

October 3, 2023 - Encinitas, California - For a while now, Equation Technologies has been working in tandem with software developer Jonas Metals Software (JMS) to create an optimal solution for the metal manufacturing industry. The pair are excited to announce that their partnership yields success through the seamless integration of JMS' existing iMetal software with Sage Intacct.

Choosing to include accounting functionality in iMetal no longer, JMS sought to refine its platform to focus on the unique needs of metal processing and distribution companies. They partnered with Equation Technologies, who bring a deep bench of knowledge in cloud-based ERP solutions alongside their long-time development experience in the manufacturing industry. “While many partners offer cloud accounting solutions, few have the industry knowledge and expert cloud ERP developers that Equation brought to the table,” stated Leigh Harrison, President of JMS. Erica Burles, President of Equation Technologies, added, “We were thrilled to find such a strong, collaborative partner in JMS to build this in-depth integration with.” Together, the two companies set to work on bringing Sage Intacct's elevated accounting capabilities to iMetal and launched the new functionality in Beta in early 2023.

Through a detailed API integration, Equation and JMS have created a combined platform built for modern metal processing and distribution companies to cover their needs. A refreshed, straightforward user interface (UI) ensures an easy user experience. That extends into reporting and data analysis, as redesigned interactive dashboards offer better navigation and customization. Companies will notice improvements to automation sequences and approval workflows as document management (uploads, downloads, storage, etc.) is done in one centralized system thanks to the detailed two-way integration. The transition to a largely paperless process that pulls data from one place can streamline auditing and bolster security positioning. Lastly, since Equation specializes in Canada, UK, and USA compliance & tax laws, now so do iMetal and Sage Intacct, making the combo a powerful international solution.

“We are thrilled to see the response from the Metal Service industry already, with some of North America's largest metal center companies having already purchased the technology combination. They gave strong positive feedback and are excited to have their production, logistics, scrap management, inventory, and unique pricing management system fully integrated with their accounting systems,” stated Burles. 

The two companies are confident the modern technology they've created will significantly impact an industry that can be slow to adopt new solutions at times. As all industries look for more efficiency, better insight, and sustainable income, JMS and Equation Technologies see it as a situation where the combined solution is even better than its two parts. “iMetal and Sage Intacct are better together where the metals industry is concerned,” concludes Leigh Harrison.

To learn more about the iMetal ERP integration available in any location worldwide, please contact Equation Technologies at or 866.436.3530.

Press Contact Info:
Erica Burles
President, Equation Technologies

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