Sage Data & Analytics

Sage Data & Analytics

In this year alone we will have produced and consumed 94 zettabytes of data. We clearly live in a world full of information, but what’s the point if we can’t make sense of it all? While the human mind is remarkable at processing large messy amounts of data, with that massive amount it’s hard to generate value. This is where humans + machines join up for some deep data-driven learning.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Data Analytics

In 2022, companies are expected to have an average of 35 artificial intelligence (AI) projects in place. There’s no shortage of hype on AI and machine learning. In terms of business analytics tools, these innovative capabilities fundamentally change the way we do business by playing a major role in empowering growth and improving business performance. They enable us to quickly extract valuable insights from massive volumes of complex data sets.

Leveraging powerful AI and machine learning programming algorithms, Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) puts data at the heart of your business strategy. Multi-entity organizations have their own set of unique challenges. If you have multiple locations scattered around the globe, you likely have a lot of muddled data. Sage’s business analytics tools combine and analyze this disconnected and complex data into thoughtful insights on one easy-to-use platform. Not only that, but SD&A transforms this data into logical and descriptive formats, like live sales dashboards, graphical cash flow analysis, and detailed Profit and Loss (P&L) reports, so you can make informed decisions in seconds.

On-the-Go Insights

SD&A supports multi-platforms so you can get on-the-go information on your mobile, tablet, or laptop computer. You don’t need to be sitting at your desk to monitor key performance metrics and business ratios. Instead, pull the numbers up on your cell phone during your morning commute on the subway. Find all the information you need to monitor your organization in one view wherever you are.

Flexible & Scalable

With change being inevitable, one of our favorite features of SD&A is its flexibility and scalability. You can merge it with your private cloud data sources, on-premise data sources, or both. Its highly flexible architecture grows with you, so if business requirements change and evolve, as they usually do, the ability to analyze the data does too. SD&A is Microsoft Azure-based and with maintenance and upgrades being completely automated, you can stay focused on insights that leverage growth, rather than manage and maintain awkward IT infrastructure equipment.

Bad for Business

How much time and effort does your team spend manually pulling and merging different data sources into one platform for analysis? Have you had bad data ripple effects from that? We don’t blame you if you have. SD&A is the umbrella under which business intelligence, data management practices, and pre-packaged analytics and visualizations all reside and work cohesively together. It’s an easy-to-manage smart platform with pre-built tailored reports, user-defined dashboards, and statements. Saving time and increasing accuracy are the baseline improvements the solution makes.

In one study, respondents spent on average 32 minutes per day moving data from one system to another, equating to 19 working days per year. With SD&A, your finance and IT department will breathe a happy sigh of relief because they won’t spend all their time extracting data, consolidating data, and manipulating data into Excel to create reports that are outdated by the time they are complete. They can focus on results, instead of activities. According to Gartner, by the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will have done this and will have driven a 5x increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures. Your organization doesn’t want to be the one left behind, not only still wasting resources but without the added insight.

Optimized Price Bundling

How much does SD&A cost? That’s a loaded question because it has several answers. The pricing varies because Sage knows that a one-size-fits-all is not the best approach in business. SD&A offers tiered pricing, which makes it an attractive option for any sized business, not just large organizations. Pricing is structured into three bundles: 1.) Standard, which is an entry-level plan, 2.) Advanced, a plan for businesses looking to step up their business analytics tools, and 3.) Premium, for businesses maybe wanting to connect their Sage accounting with Power BI.

Determining how SD&A can benefit your business is simply a matter of asking the experts – our experts at Equation Technologies. Not only can we shed light on the pricing bundles or discuss how to best leverage the software, but we’ll also show you how you can use it to become a future-ready organization.

 Join us for our Sage Data & Analytics webinar on Wednesday, September 14 where we take an up-close and personal look at this fully integrated solution and how it benefits you and your business.

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