Sage 300 (Accpac) - Service Level Agreement

Support Agreement Guidelines

The following services are within the scope of the Equation's Phone Tech Support service agreement for clients that are current and active with Sage Business care Subscription Plan:

  • Provide information on program functionality.
  • Support services will be administered by telephone and / or email and / or fax and / or remote access via GoToMeeting/GoToAssist session.
  • Clarify and explain the significance of error message(s).
  • Review customized macros/reports and offer suggestions to questions.
  • Investigate product activation code problems.
  • Provide assistance in determining whether an issue is program, database or environment related.
  • Recommend Sage Accpac products to fulfill appropriate business needs.
  • Assistance with service packs installations and deployments.
  • Entitled to Equation monthly webinars to a single computer connection per session, at no charge.
  • Unlimited number of support questions/issues.
  • Guaranteed response time within 1 Business Day (Note: This does not ensure issue resolution within this timeframe). Support business hours: Mon – Fri from 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST.

The policies or inquiry categories listed below are intended to clarify the Phone Tech Support services that are available with this service contract.

Inquiry Category Phone  Support Service
Network, Database or IIS Issues
  • Troubleshoot error message(s) or problem(s) encountered when accessing Sage Accpac products over a network.
  • Provide suggestions on network configurations.
  • Procedural advice and suggestions regarding databases.
Installation or Conversion
  • Troubleshoot problems regarding installation and workstation setup for software produced or supported by Sage Software.
  • Procedural advice regarding installation and conversion.
Connectivity Issues for Hosted Products
  • Troubleshoot network communication issues encountered when accessing hosted Sage Accpac products.
  • Assist with resetting of passwords.
  • Troubleshoot local printing problems.
  • Information on network protocol, SQL network library and domain requirements for connecting Sage Software products to the SQL server.
Customizations or Modifications
  • Troubleshooting errors or problems to determine if the problem(s) is/are caused by core product or customizations/modifications.
  • Basic advice relating to our data structures
Citrix and Terminal Services
  • Troubleshoot error(s) or problem(s) that occur within Sage Software products when deployed using Citrix or Windows Terminal Services.
  • Basic overview of Citrix and Terminal Services as they relate to our products.
Application Modules
  • Assistance in identifying the proper sequence of tasks needed to accomplish a larger process.
  • Answers to how a particular feature operates in a given scenario.
  • Assistance in the proper procedures needed to install or upgrade the product.
  • General Sage Software module configuration questions.
  • Troubleshooting errors or warning messages occurring within Sage Accpac products.
  • Suggestions and troubleshooting information for issues such as reconciliation difficulties.
Productivity Tools, Options and Add-On Products
  • Troubleshooting problems regarding installation and workstation setup for products supported by Sage Software.
  • Troubleshooting errors or problems that occur during Crystal Reports for Sage Software installation and when linking to Sage Software data.
  • Troubleshooting errors or problems that occur within Sage Software products during data transfer or import.
  • Assistance in locating table and field names to write reports.
  • Troubleshooting errors or problems that occur within Sage Software products when linking to data contained within your Sage Software package using our ODBC driver.
  • Basic procedural advice regarding ODBC and data sources as they relate to troubleshooting our products.

The following services are NOT within the scope of the On-Going Support Service Contract service agreement:

Provide database repair and administration.
Phone support call will not take longer than 60-minutes per issue to resolve, failing which it will be treated as a Level-2 billable service outside the Phone Tech Support service agreement.
Create or update any modifications/customizations, including customized reports, or any 3rd Party products.
Assist with network troubleshooting and support.
Any request(s) for support which requires escalation from a Help Desk requiring a consultant who has site-specific or advanced technical knowledge.
Provide product training.
Installation of software products and software upgrades.
Bookkeeping support and services (please contact a designated Accounting Professional).

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