Sage 300: Unable to connect to database. Error = 98

"Unable to connect to database. Error = 98" error message is received when user is attempting to open a company in Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC).

This error may be caused by several reasons:

  • The full domain name or IP address of a server may be entered in the DSN setup on the workstations. Go to Control Panel\Administrative Tools and select Data Sources (ODBC).  This will open the ODBC Data Source Administrator window.  Go to the System DNS tab.  Check the configuration and be sure under the "Address" section of the Server area that the computer name of the server is entered.
  • This may also occur if the Pervasive.SQL license is expired.  Open the Pervasive Control Center  from Start > Programs,  go to "Utilities" > License Administrator.   Enter the database server computer name, click connect, and verify the license key is "permanent" and has not expired.
  • The server may not be set to accept remote requests.  On the database server, open the Pervasive Control Center,  select "Configure Local Engine", and under the "Access" section verify that the "Accept Remote Requests" option is turned on.

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