Migrating From Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS SQL

You may have heard by now that the retirement of Sage Abra Suite (and Sage Abra Suite Canada) is looming sometime in the near future. While the product hasn’t been officially retired yet, now is the time to start planning your migration before potential problems crop up. Let’s take a look at why Sage Abra Suite is going away and what you should consider doing about it.


FoxPro Retirement

In January 2015, Microsoft ended support for Visual FoxPro - the underlying technology architecture that runs Sage Abra Suite. With FoxPro now retired, Microsoft no longer tests it for compatibility with new releases of Windows (including the new Windows 10).

Will Sage Abra Suite keep working?

If you are running Sage Abra Suite version 9.1x or 9.2x, the retirement of FoxPro does not stop your current system from functioning. However, you’re entering an area of higher risk and potential conflict with each new Windows update or technology upgrade. And while Sage will continue to support the software (not the technology) by releasing bug fixes and quarterly tax updates, continued product improvements and new features are unlikely going forward.

NOTE: Quarter 3, 2015 will be the final product update for Sage Abra Suite Version 9.1. Click here for details.

What's the next step?

For most Sage Abra Suite customers, the next logical step is a migration to the sister product Sage HRMS. Sage HRMS is HR and payroll software that runs on modern technology including the Microsoft SQL Database.

Beyond the underlying technology, there are functional benefits of migrating to Sage HRMS as well. Because both products are owned by Sage, the interface is very similar. That means Sage Abra Suite customers can hit the ground running on Sage HRMS by leveraging HR features, functions, and screens they’re already very familiar with.

But the Sage HRMS Payroll Module is where Abra Suite   customers see the most significant changes. In particular because of the SQL database, there’s no need to have users exit the system while running payroll or database backup. There’s also a wide range of payroll features and streamlined workflow processes in Sage HRMS that simply don’t exist in Abra Suite.

The migration Process

Because each company has unique payroll processes and HR requirements, it’s important to create a detailed migration plan. It’s more than just a typical product update or version upgrade. But rest assured that as your technology partner, we’re here to help guide the process, migrate your historical data, and provide training as needed to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

Contact us if you have questions about Sage HRMS, want to discuss a migration, or would like to see a demo.


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