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Connecting Sage HRMS to Sage 300 Payroll

Whether you’re already using Sage HRMS or considering installing it to reduce the paper shuffling and administrative burden of HR compliance, you’ll want to make sure you don’t create more problems than you solve by having to manage and enter data in two systems - once in payroll and another in HR.

That’s where the Sage Payroll Link comes in, bridging the gap between employee files in Sage HRMS and payroll data in your Sage 300 accounting software.

What is Sage Payroll Link?

The Sage Payroll Link is an application that facilitates integration between Sage 300 Payroll and Sage HRMS. It’s designed to easily transfer and synchronize your personnel, payroll, and company data between the programs.

Sage HRMS for Sage 300

Working together, Sage HRMS and Sage 300 can help you manage all aspects of HR compliance, benefits administration, training and certifications, attendance, and leave accruals with the following powerful components:

Sage HRMS - this is the powerful core HR solution for managing critical employee information. Ideal for just about any business, Sage HRMS helps you manage company benefits programs, track and prepare reports to ensure government compliance, and electronically store employee forms and certificates.

Sage HRMS Time Off - software used for tracking employee absences and leave accruals. Its flexibility allows you to define absence codes, handle the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and manage accruals and carry-overs. Designed to meet a wide range of attendance tracking needs, Sage HRMS Attendance offers unmatched flexibility in handling all types of attendance plans and employee time off.

Sage HRMS Train - this training management system allows you to define specific training needs, prepare compliance reports, and ensure certifications are completed on-time. In addition, it helps manage training requirements for new employees based on their current skill sets and automatically updates employee "Skills Profiles" upon completion of new courses.

Sage Employee Self Service - the web-based component of the core Sage HRMS solution includes Employee Self-Service functionality and Benefits Enrollment.

The Missing Link

With comprehensive HR management on one side and powerful payroll processing on the other, the Sage Payroll Link provides a bridge between Sage 300 and Sage HRMS so you never have to enter the same payroll or employee attendance and HR data twice.

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