Why should you consider Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is used by over 12,000 organizations in 70 countries to manage their critical sales, marketing and customer service activities each day. Sage CRM provides a full suite of CRM modules, which includes Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, providing your team with one source for all customer-related data and information.

The deployment of Sage CRM is quick and cost effective and can also integrate with your Sage 300 ERP application. Sage CRM can be accessed from mobile devices, increasing productivity into the field. There are two separate editions – Cloud Based and On-Premise. This gives you the option to choose the deployment method that suits your business and budget needs.



Sage CRM provides your organization with one single source of sales data and it delivers that data to your team whether they are in the office, on the road, or anywhere around the world. From scheduling events and appointments, to managing leads, to forecasting and sharing information, Sage CRM is a robust, intuitive tool your sales team and management can use to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time making sales.


You can use Sage CRM to create, design, launch, and track highly targeted marketing campaigns. Build your list of prospects or import lists and then separate that list into various groups based on the criteria of your choice. Sage CRM provides you with the tools necessary to develop compelling communications as part of your marketing campaign collateral. You will then be able to use the built-in campaign analysis tools to identify the successful campaigns, easily use them again, and generate accurate ROI calculations.

Customer Service & Support

Sage CRM will help you to manage your customer relationships more effectively by using the processes and workflows defined by you. Log, monitor and track cases, share effective resolutions, and build great levels of services and post-sale care. The Sage CRM self-service portal and automated email management allows your support department to deliver round-the-clock customer service.

Questions / Contact

If you have any questions about Sage CRM, or if Sage CRM is the right solution for you, please contact Equation Technologies today. Our team of CRM experts can help you make the most educated decision when it comes to selecting a CRM. You can also visit our page on Sage CRM

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